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September 23, 2017


This evening Kevin - N2AM and myself visited the repeater site. Owen - KEØNOF joined us shortly afterwards. The initial readings on the machine was showing a mere 9 watts output, and 2.8 watts returning which confirmed that we have a problem. Upon running the antenna analyser on the feedline it was evident that there was a drastic problem and a horrendous mismatch at a point 253' up the feedline. This means that the club is going to have to hire a climber to go to the feedpoint of the antenna and see if the problem is in the short jumper near the top, or in the splitter that feeds the elements.

To get us by until we can do something Kevin installed a circulator in the feedline between the cans and the repeater. This will re-route the reflected power from the mismatch into a dummy load rather than it coming back int the finals of the repeater and damaging the finals. The repeater was also set to high power (50 watts instead of 25 watts).

Tomorrow (Sunday) Kevin...

September 15, 2017

The Muscatine County Amateur Radio Emergency Service has been welcomed to the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ initiative. Our organization has been accepted as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.

The Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative is an effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, your organization is committing to work with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.

What’s Next

A NOAA point of contact will reach out to the ARES EC shortly to answer questions we may have and explore collaboration opportunities.

In the meantime, please take the time to learn more about Weather-Ready Nation on these websites:

Be a Force of Nature


Weather-Ready Nation Accomplishments


Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions


August 23, 2017

From: Iowa ARES SEC:

  I pleased to let you know that the Iowa ARES Section is partnering with the Ohio ARES Section in their Black Swan operation: “BLACK SWAN 2017” is a multi-state radio communications exercise (COMEX) to test the ability for volunteer, non-government organization (NGO), and government agencies to communicate across services in emergency conditions through amateur radio. The Ohio Section of ARRL is coordinating the exercise and will use it as the Ohio Section SET for the year 2017, providing background and superstructure for more complete exercise play, coordinated across county, district, and section boundaries. The Ohio Section will publish templates for participating organizations, including an Exercise Plan (EXPLAN) that implements local operations as part of the larger exercise.

This is an opportunity for many of us to get in our SET (Simulated Emergency Test) for this year--which I know will put a smile on our SM's face.

  The EXPLAN (Exercise Plan) will beco...

July 20, 2017


  The Director of Emergency Services for Muscatine County contacted me a few days go and graciously gave us the communications building that is currently on the property off Houser Street in the old County Home grounds.  He has also given us (2) supporting towers.  The first one is located North of Muscatine on the North side of Highway 61 on Ward Avenue at the Secondary Roads shed.  It is 6'8" wide at the base (between the legs). It is comprised of (5) sections that we believe are 20' each making the unit approximately 100' tall. The second tower is in Nichols, IA and looks just like the other one. 

  Unfortunately the old GenSet is already spoken for.  

  We need to provide transportation for the towers and the building.  I work for a transportation company. They have indicated that they would help us by using a rollback to move the building, and a 45' flatbed trailer to move/store the towers.

  We are going to need a place to plant these tower. We...

June 22, 2017

On Wednesday, June 21, Scott - NØMRZ, and Bill - KC8TWZ received a check from the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine in the amount of $5,000 as a grant that was provided by private donations, It is to be used to buy amateur radio equipment and construct Go-Boxes for use during natural or man-made disasters in and around Muscatine County.  This equipment will vastly improve our communications even if we would loose the KCØAQS repeater that resides on the 245' tower on the MCC grounds.

This equipment will be vital to our communications plan we currently have in place to take care of our served agencies such as the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and National Weather Service to name a few.  It will also greatly benefit our team in our training exercises and not only free up our personal equipment, but give us standard equipment that all operators can get familiar with. That way when deployment time comes they are working with a piece of equipment they know how to operate in the...

June 6, 2017


  Please be advised that due to the Summer Reading Program at the Musser Public Library that the June 12 meeting of the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club has been moved to the Pizza Ranch in Muscatine, and will be held in the back room at the normal meeting time of 6:30pm. If you have any questions, please contact club President, Bill Coulter - KC8TWZ

  Additional temporary meeting locations will be discussed at the June 12 meeting. Bring your appetite (and your wallet)!

  Thank you & 73,

      de Scott - NØMRZ

May 9, 2017

 At the MARC monthly club meeting we got to see the three new banners that were donated to the Muscatine County ARES team by River City Promotions. Was a little disappointed to see that they didn't have grommets in them, but I guess we can add them at a later time if they are needed. If anyone has any ideas on how to raise money for the ARES team, please let me know.  de Scott - NØMRZ, 73s

May 1, 2017

This Saturday at Blaine's Farm & Fleet from 10am to 2pm - Operators Needed!

MUSCATINE, Iowa — The 25th Annual Muscatine County EMS/Child Safety Day is this Saturday, May 21 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Blain's Farm and Fleet in Muscatine. 

New to the event this year will be a storm house courtesy of the Fruitland Fire Department. The West Liberty Fire Department will have their smokehouse available for children to learn what to do in case of fire or smoke in their home. 

There will also be ambulances, fire trucks, the Medforce helicopter and Muscatine Search and Rescue vehicles on display. Volunteers will be providing child i.d. photo/fingerprints. Dogs for Pet Safety from the Performance Class of the Canine Activity Center of Muscatine will be hand and the children can enjoy the Muskie bounce house. 

From 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Saturday at the Farmers Market at Third and Cedar streets, bicycle safety inspectiona will be conducted by members of the Melon City Bike Club and Greg Harper fro...

May 1, 2017

PUBLIC INVITATION: Amateur Radio “Field Day” June 25 – 26 Demonstrates Science, Skill, and Service.  Members of the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise, June 24 – 25 at the Mc Avoy Center on the MCC grounds, right off Park Avenue in Muscatine.

Since 1933, ham radio operators across North America have established temporary ham radio stations in public locations during Field Day to showcase the science and skill of Amateur Radio. This event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. For over 100 years, Amateur Radio — sometimes called ham radio — has allowed people from all walks of life to experiment with electronics and communications techniques, as well as provide a free public service to their communities during a disaster, all without needing a cell phone or the Internet. Field Day demonstrates ham radio’s ability to work reliably under any conditions from almost any location and create an independent commun...

April 13, 2017

Last evening Scott - NØMRZ and Kevin - N2AM were the quests on the weekly MCC video production of Muscatine ViewPoint. 

 Topics were about the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club, Muscatine County ARES, and Amateur Radio in general.  Some information in the middle about the Muscatine Mall and River City Promotions, but concludes with more Amateur Radio information.

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Club Meetings

We meet the second Monday evening of each month at 7:00 pm.

Our meetings are held at:

Musser Public Library,

600 E. 2nd Street

Muscatine, IA 52761


All are invited to attend.

Club Repeater - KCØAQS

The KCØAQS/R 146.31/91 repeater located at the Muscatine Community College campus.

The repeater is an open access machine for the use of all licensed amateurs.

The repeater requires 192.8 Hz CTCSS for access.
Weekly net every Sunday at 8:30 pm Local Time. Please check in and meet the local hams.

This machine can also be accessed via Echolink on the KCØAQS-R Echolink repeater

Weekly Club Net

Weekly net every Sunday at 8:30 pm Local Time. Please check in and meet the local hams.

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Buy a $25 Baofeng H/T to hook to your antenna during stormy weather.

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