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October 5, 2017


  Please see the below letters of approval from the ARRL concerning the Southeast Iowa Hamfest.  In 2018 we have been approved to host the ARRL Iowa Section Convention. In 2019 we will host the ARRL Iowa State Convention.

  Hours - With the added events such as the convention and seminars, we have changed the hours to 7:00am to 2pm. This will give us an extra hour to get the seminars done without having to start first thing in the morning when the early birds are trying to catch a bargain.

  Seminars - The plan is to build events that are centered around the seminar topic.  For instance: Seminar #1 - Emergency Communications;  With new ARES teams in both Muscatine and Washington Counties this will be a great recruiting tool.  Since we attract many other counties, having their ECs in attendance might also add members to their team, or spark the interest of someone that will start an ARES group in some of the many counties that don't currently have an ARES pres...

June 6, 2017


  Please be advised that due to the Summer Reading Program at the Musser Public Library that the June 12 meeting of the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club has been moved to the Pizza Ranch in Muscatine, and will be held in the back room at the normal meeting time of 6:30pm. If you have any questions, please contact club President, Bill Coulter - KC8TWZ

  Additional temporary meeting locations will be discussed at the June 12 meeting. Bring your appetite (and your wallet)!

  Thank you & 73,

      de Scott - NØMRZ

May 9, 2017

 At the MARC monthly club meeting we got to see the three new banners that were donated to the Muscatine County ARES team by River City Promotions. Was a little disappointed to see that they didn't have grommets in them, but I guess we can add them at a later time if they are needed. If anyone has any ideas on how to raise money for the ARES team, please let me know.  de Scott - NØMRZ, 73s

November 29, 2016

  All said and done, according to the final numbers, we had as many, if not more hams attend our annual Hamfest at the Muscatine County Fairgrounds. Here are a few images from that day...

August 26, 2016

For the September 12th club meeting we will gather outside the Musser Public Library at 5:30pm, and plan to leave town at 6:00pm to venture to Bill's.

Before moving to Riverside, Iowa, Bill Hartley, K3JNZ, was living in a New York City apartment. Being an enthusiastic contester, he noted how his coverage was meager at best. However, something in him always caused him to be on the look out for a place that would make a great amateur radio station. He did this for years.

Then one day, he found a house for sale in an ad on ARRL.org.  It was a house that was also a VHF contest station!  And this contest station had a write-up in a VHF magazine (CQ VHF). The reason for this was that it included a 42-ft dish capable of doing EME on 144 MHz, 220 MHz, 432 MHz and 1296 MHz.  Not too many houses had a feature like that!  Bill's comment: "Who wouldn't want a place like this?" Others had looked at the place but they hesitated.  Bill didn't hesitate and ended up scoring this dream station....

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Club Meetings

We meet the second Monday evening of each month at 7:00 pm.

Our meetings are held at:

Musser Public Library,

600 E. 2nd Street

Muscatine, IA 52761


All are invited to attend.

Club Repeater - KCØAQS

The KCØAQS/R 146.31/91 repeater located at the Muscatine Community College campus.

The repeater is an open access machine for the use of all licensed amateurs.

The repeater requires 192.8 Hz CTCSS for access.
Weekly net every Sunday at 8:30 pm Local Time. Please check in and meet the local hams.

This machine can also be accessed via Echolink on the KCØAQS-R Echolink repeater

Weekly Club Net

Weekly net every Sunday at 8:30 pm Local Time. Please check in and meet the local hams.

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Buy a $25 Baofeng H/T to hook to your antenna during stormy weather.

Compliments of Arnold - KCØALT