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Muscatine County ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service
SKYWARN - Severve Weather Net Script                           ARES ID# 139IAØ1

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National Weather Service

Davenport, IA.



CQ, CQ, CQ! CQ All Stations. This is (callsign) ____________, Net Control Station. I will be the net control operator for this net. I am located in (city) ____________ My name is , __________________.


This is a directed Net conducted by the Muscatine County Amateur Radio Emergency Service for the purpose of reporting severe weather.


Severe weather is defined as:


    Funnel Clouds

   Wall clouds

   Local flooding

   Hail ¾ inch or greater

   Wind in excess of 58 mph.

   Rain at the rate of 1 inch per hour or more

   Storm Damage

   Visibility less than 1/2 mile

   Any other hazard to life or property.


This Net is conduct at the request of Muscatine County's served agencies and WX1NWS at the National Weather Service. This frequency will be our primary frequency with 146.445 simplex as the backup frequency.

This net is conducted in plain English. Please, don’t use “Q” signals, and use standard ITU phonetics.

Any station with EMERGENCY OR WELFARE traffic, please call Net Control, (callsign) ____________ now.

(Pause for any emergency check-ins.)

We will now take check-ins from any station on-frequency that would like to participate in this SKYWARN exercise. Please give me your Call, with phonetics, Name, and your location. We also need to know if you are portable, mobile or at your home station. If you are spotting in-the-field during this exercise, you much let the NCS station know if you change locations.

If there is an emergency during this net, use the word “BREAK”. Emergency traffic will take priority and will be handled under the direction of Net Control.

All stations checking in are requested to remain on frequency until dismissed by Net Control. Let net control know if you need to check-out. Please use the following format when reporting severe weather: your call sign, location, and type of severe weather or hazard you are reporting.

Are there any stations wishing to file a report, call Net Control (callsign) _________________.

Thank you for these reports. Local time is now (time): ___________________.

   A. Log each report on Severe Weather log sheet.

   B. Email log sheet to EC or their designee on the hour.

   C. Report all emergencies to MUSCOM. Weather emergencies to the NWS on the 800 number.

​Repeat item #2 every 10 minutes or 30 minutes if the net has low activity followed by the local time.

Please remember to list all active Severe Weather Watches and Warnings every 10-15 minutes for the courtesy of those on frequency. Also remember to remain calm, as members of the general public may be listening in.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this Muscatine County ARES SKYWARN Severe weather net.

The mission of the Muscatine County Amateur Radio Emergency Service®, Inc. is to provide reliable and alternate communications to our served agencies in times of emergency, disaster, or national crisis. We would like to thank the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club for the use of this repeater.


​This is (callsign) ________ , closing the net at (local time) ________ pm local time and returning the repeater to it's normal use.


* Once initiated, the severe weather net can only be closed down by the agency that requested its activation, or with permission from the SKYWARN Coordinator, EC or an AEC.

Emergency Channel
Muscatine County
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