Muscatine County ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Join Our ARES Team!      ARES ID# 139IAØ1        Phone: 563-506-0304

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  Your help is needed in times of emergency to provide emergency communications for Muscatine, Louisa & Cedar Counties, as well as our surrounding counties. ARES is an ARRL affiliated organization, but you do not have to be a member of the ARRL to be a member of the Muscatine, Louisa or Cedar County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.


  The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.



  ARES can be activated before, during, or after an emergency. Generally, ARES handles all emergency messages, including those between government emergency management officials. 

  To register with ARES, complete ARRL Form FSD-98 and send, or give it to your local EC - Emergency Coordinator. The EC for Muscatine & Louisa County is Scott Richardson - NØMRZ, the Assistant ECs are Kevin Kramer - N2AM or Wayland Gray - KI6KIB (Muscatine Co), and Michael Hafner - WØHAF (Louisa Co).  Contact Gary Hartig - KØWLC in (Cedar Co)   We need your contact information, information about any special training you have, license class, and a list of the FEMA training courses completed, equipment and the modes you can operate.


  If you have an amateur radio licence, are interested in amateur radio public service communications, and want to make a commitment to help our community in their time of need, Then this is the organization for you! By joining ARES we can achieve that goal. 

  Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES.  Training may be required or desired to participate fully in ARES.  Please inquire with the Muscatine ARES EC for specific information.  ARES is an Amateur Radio program, therefor, only licensed radio amateurs are eligible for membership. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement.


  As a member Muscatine, Louisa or Cedar County ARES you will get the opportunity to train and take part in non-emergency training drill scenarios that might include:

  • Railroad derailment - HazMat Spills

  • Flash floodings

  • Plane crashs

  • Hillslides

  • Tornados

  • Search and Rescue operations


  The mission of the Muscatine, Louisa & Cedar County Amateur Radio Emergency Service®, Inc. is to provide reliable and alternate communications to our served agencies in times of emergency, disaster, or national crisis. This is accomplished through the training of ARES® volunteers in communication procedures, national operational procedures as required by FEMA (ICS, NIMS) and the development of the technical skills necessary to complete their communication missions under a variety of situations including adverse communication conditions.


  The emergency planning VHF simplex frequency for District 5, Muscatine & Louisa County ARES is 146.445, see the map on the Resources page to find out the frequencies designated to other Iowa Counties. Our UHF simplex frequency is 446.445.

Thank you for your consideration,

C. Scott Richardson - NØMRZ

Muscatine & Louisa County Emergency Coordinator

146.445 Emergency Planning Simplex Channel

Cell: 563-506-0304


Form FSD-98
Emergency Channel
Muscatine / Louisa
146.445 - VHF
446.445 - UHF


  Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the 4th Monday of each month on ZOOM. It is an open meeting and all are invited to attend. Send an email to get on the invite list.


  The Muscatine County ARES team has an "On-The-Air" net / meeting on the 146.910 - MARC repeater at 2100 (9:00pm) every Sunday evening. That is immediately followed by a quick net on the 146.985 Wapello, IA repeater, then a simplex net on our emergency frequency of 146.445.  All licensed amateurs are welcome (and encouraged) to check in to both nets.

   The Washington County ARES team has their "On-The-Air" net on Monday nights on the 147.045 WAARC repeater at 7:30pm, or immediately following the weekly WAARC 2 meter net.

ARES - Muscatine, Louisa & Cedar County ARES - Membership Roster

EC - Emergency Coordinator - Muscatine & Louisa County, Iowa - MARS Liason - ARRL VE

First licensed as KBØHQV in the early 90's, and upgraded to a Tech Plus shortly after.  Heavily involved in RACES in Kansas as a weather spotter for the National Weather Service. Was an active member of RACES, and a tornado chaser in South Central Kansas for 7-1/2 years.  Now tasked with starting an ARES unit here in his hometown of Muscatine, Iowa. He is also the Iowa Army MARS liason.

Gary Hartig - KØWLC - Tipton, IA. - NWS Spotter

EC - Emergency Coordinator (Cedar County)

Gary has a background in law enforcement and public service. Gary started as an AEC in Muscatine County, and is now the Emergency Coordinator in Cedar County where he is build a new team. Good Luck  Gary!

(If you reside in Cedar County and would like to join ARES, contact Gary)

Wayland Gray - KI6KIB - Muscatine, IA. - NWS Spotter

AEC - Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Muscatine Co) - ARRL VE - Fundraising Administrator

Wayland comes to us shortly after relocating back to the Muscatine area from California, where he was an Emergency Coordinator for ARES. We look forward to having Wayland on our team and hope that he can share with us some of his experiences. Welcome to the team Wayland!

AEC - Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Muscatine Co) / Equipment Systems

Kevin is a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to all things radio! A great asset to our team on the technical side of things. His experience and knowledge make him a "well rounded" team member that can help us in many ares of need. 

Michael Hafner - WØHAF - Letts, IA - NWS Spotter

AEC - Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Louisa County

Michael is a great addition to our team. He has a strong VHF station and is also involved with our sister group, the Washington Co ARES team. New to ham radio, but catching on quick. Michael is studying to get his Extra class operators license soon! Glad to have you Michael, you are in a great location to do good things for your county.

Brian Hall - KD7JVD - Wapello, IA. - NWS Spotter

Louisa County EMA Director

Brian worked for the Louisa Co Sheriff's Department and has now taken the position as the EMA Director for Louisa County, IA. He is our main contact for the county and is the "Eyes on the Ground" for our team in his County. Welcome to the team Brian, together we can accomplish great things!

Member (Muscatine Co) - NCO - Net Control Administrator / SKYWARN Coordinator

Owen joined our group as a studying Technician, and on Saturday, May 20, 2017 he passed Technician test at a VE session in Washington, Iowa put on by the WAARC group.  Congratulations Owen!  .. Callsign received! Owen is an active weather spotter and makes a great addition to the team by bringing those skills to the group as our SKYWARN Coordinator.

Patrick Dickey - WØPCD - Muscatine, IA. - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co) - Computer Systems - AREDN Network Administrator

Patrick obtained his license by testing at one of our first test sessions. We look forward to working with Patrick and know that he will be a valuable part of our team. Thank you for becoming an amateur radio operator and joining our team.

Member (Muscatine Co) - Lutheran Homes Coordinator

Brad is very active in the Muscatine Amateur Radio Club. He takes on the duties of the Treasurer, as well as Net Control for the weekly "On-Air" service net each Sunday evening.  Brad works at Lutheran Homes and is our ARES liaison for their HARMS program to provide emergency communications.

Member (Muscatine Co) - AREDN Network Coordinator

If you have seen Larry's place North of Muscatine, then you know he is serious about Amateur Radio.  Larry's place has been the location of the MARC Field Day in the past. Other than amateur radio, Larry's other passion is building minature steam/compressed air engines.

Dave Metz - WAØAUQ - Muscatine, IA.

Member (Muscatine Co) - Salvation Army Coordinator - Equipment Systems

If Dave can't fix it.... it AIN'T Broke.  Our Go-To guy on all things radio!  

Bruce Dagel - WBØGAG - Muscatine, IA. - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co) - VEC - ARRL Testing Administrator

We welcome Bruce to the team and are delighted to be able to offer ARRL VEC license exams on a bi-monthly basis. Bruce is an extra class amateur radio operator with a lot of experience and loves to geocache too!

Dave Hoffman - N4MSD - Muscatine, Iowa

Member - (Muscatine Co) - General Class

After a long break... Dave is back into amateur radio. He is the newest member of our ARES team and we welcome him and look forward to working with him.

Member (Muscatine Co) - PRC - Public Relations Coordinator

Bob is an experienced amateur radio that will be a great asset in the moving of traffic, He is frequently on HF and his talents should be of great help when disaster strikes. Bob is a great spokesperson for the team when we are in-the-field and dealing with the public.

Maile Gray - KI6KHT - Muscatine, IA - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co) - ARRL VE

Maile is the wife of Wayland - KI6KIB and we are lucky to have her as a member of our ARES team. We look forward to working with you Maile!

Member - (Muscatine Co)

Bill was heavily involved in emergency services as a ham while residing in the state of Michigan. Bill is committed to helping establish an active ARES unit here in Muscatine, and spent the first year serving as an AEC.  Bill has extensive training in disaster management, and his knowledge will serve us well in the area of training and being prepared.

Member (Muscatine Co) - ARRL VE

Jon is the guy that is you can depend on to man his post and stay on task.  Jon loves communications and you can hear him on the air regularly on HF, UHF and VHF .

Member (Muscatine Co)

We welcome Don to our team. Don has been an active amateur radio operator for many years.  He is always at the meeting and the first one to offer to help us get what we need during our active times.

Harry De Bourcy - NØBKG - Muscatine, IA.

Member (Muscatine Co)

We welcome Harry to our team. He joined at the first meeting of the Muscatine County ARES group. He is not however new to amateur radio.  Look forward to working with you Harry!

John Baker - KØFXM - West Liberty, IA. - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co)

His first rig was a Harvy Wells TBS-50D with high level AM modulation, and a SX-101 receiver, He is also a licensed private pilot. and ex-Army paratrooper with the 506 Parachute infantry Regiment, and holds a First Class Commercial Phone License. He lives on a farm in West Liberty, Iowa and his hobbies are fishing and making home-made wine... and drinking it! He's been a ham for over 35 years and it has given him some of the best times of his life.

Justin Kramer - KEØEZQ - Blue Grass, IA

Member (Muscatine Co)

Another new ham joins our ranks.  More information on this new Technician class amateur to come. Now get On-The-Air!

Shelly Minnick - KEØSHL - Blue Grass, IA.

Member (Muscatine Co)

Welcome to the team Shelly. She was a long time listener with interests in the Caribbean and hurricane radio traffic. Thanks for joining our team!

Dan Litwiler - KEØMLG - Muscatine, IA. - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co)

Dan is new to our group and we look forward to working with him.

Travis Stoner - KEØVIR - Muscatine, IA - NWS Spotter

Member (Muscatine Co)

Our newest member, Travis is very into storm spotting. His newest challenges is getting his ICS courses passed to move up to a class 2 ARES operator.

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