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License Testing

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The Muscatine County ARES team is now sponsoring amateur radio license testing.      
Sessions will be held every other month alternating with the WAARC group.  Testing sign-in will be at 1:30pm the day of the test, with testing beginning at 2:00pm. Pre-registering is not required, however, it is appreciated.  All amateur radio tests cost $15.00 prior to testing. Testing held at the Musser Public Library, Room 1Ø4, 408 E. 2nd Street,  Muscatine, IA 52761. Please register for one of the testing sessions below. For questions please email Bruce - WBØGAG, Good Luck & 73!

Study Help



I would like to help Muscatine Amateur Radio Club. I am a fellow ham and I want to help future hams to get their licenses and current hams to upgrade their existing licenses by creating free content online. Which is why I started the YouTube channel HamRadioTesting


At this time, I have three main course offerings on YouTube, one for each ham exam.


  • The Tech Exam Playlist (07-01-2018 to 06-30-2022 Question Pool) Click Here

  • The General Exam Playlist (07-01-2019 to 06-30-2023 Question Pool) Click Here

  • The Amateur Extra Exam Playlist (07-01-2020 to 06-30-2024 Question Pool) Click Here


In case you were wondering, yes, that is the material for the new question pool for the Amateur Extra Test that comes out in July.  The book isn’t even out yet. That didn’t stop me from getting this content out to you, for free. 


So, we come to our Jerry Maguire moment where I ask you to “Help me, help you”.  In order for me to help you, I am asking you to check out my content, share it and please feel free to reach out to me with suggestions for improvement or future content.


Here is another great source, a free, weekly, live, Amateur Radio Technician Class Licensing course on Zoom.

For a current listing of test sessions in Muscatine or Washington, IA, go to

What is Amateur Radio? Go here to find out!

If you are interested in becoming an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE) and serving the Amateur Radio community, it's easy and free!

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