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Muscatine County ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service
PACKET WINLINK                                                                    ARES ID# 139IAØ1

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WINLINK SATURDAY - Weekly WInlink Exercise


Every Saturday we will have a different Winlink exercise. This weekly event is hosted by Bruce - WBØGAG. To find out more, and to participate, please visit the exercise website at:

Packet Radio Mail Server (RMS) NØMRZ-10


The N0MRZ-10 Packet Winlink RMS (Radio Mail Server)

station is operational on 145.610. This replaces the

Packet digipeater on the same frequency that has

been on-the-air for about 2-1/2 years at 20' on a

Ringo Ranger. The new system is at 64' to the base of

a Tram dual-bander and running 45 watts. It connects

easily to the RMS at the EOC in Rock Island, IL.

That is in the path to the HF relay NSØA in Illinois.

Currently the mail that goes into this RMS are sent via the internet to the CMS (Central Mail Server). There are 2 in the US. If the internet goes down they are held until the internet is back up, or sent via radio to the next closest RMS for relay. Once you connect to this RMS, you are added to the local users list and you can drop or pickup your Winlink emails .

There are several other RMS stations in the area that I have reached out to, to see if they will move to the same frequency to expand the system. Illinois state-wide is on 145.610. There are two stations (Iowa City and Oelwein, IA) that are considering the frequency change.

KFØCVR, WØPCD and WBØGAG have been using the system for several days and have already moved a lot of Winlink emails through the system. Future plans include adding a VARA FM RMS on 147.450 as well as an HF gateway to aid moving traffic to the CMS (Central Message Server). You can also digipeat through N0MRZ-4 to get to more distant stations directly using Winlink P2P (Peer-to-Peer).

Packet Radio NEWS...

Bruce has interfaced the TM-V71A Kenwood in EmComm-1 (radio in the front office) to the Winlink packet system so we now have those capabilities in the communications trailer. This will allow us to use pre-loaded ICS forms, and other forms, and email them to neighboring counties, or beyond, by radio when needed, or in the case of an internet failure.

We currently have active operators in Cedar, Muscatine, Louisa and Scott county. We are also hoping to get Washington County on board. Patrick has the packet gear that I acquired from KØBMW and we should be able to put together 3-4 digipeaters to help the elevation challenged and low power stations in the area to reach the RMS. We need locations to put these units. If you have a tall location and an extra 2 meter antenna, and are willing to host a digipeater station, please contact me.

The integration of this system into our AREDN network is now active. With the addition of a Post Office on the AREDN network the two systems work together to aid in the delivery of Winlink email.

It doesn't take a lot of equipment to get on this system, a 2 meter radio with a TNC of some sort and the Winlink software (a free download) on your computer, tablet or phone will get you operational. Small bluetooth TNCs are available that will even velcro to the back of your H/T.

If you are interested please get a hold of Patrick, Cory, Bruce or myself for additional information.



Scott - NØMRZ

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