Muscatine County ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Meetings, Nets & Frequencies                                           ARES ID# 139IAØ1

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Muscatine County ARES Monthly Meeting

  The monthly meeting of the Muscatine County ARES group is held the 4th Monday of the month at the River City Promotions office at 2394 Highway 38 in Wilton, IA. 52778, at 7:00pm, and continues until completion.  Enter through the Main Entrance (double white doors in center of the building).


Section-wide Frequencies

Iowa ARES Traffic and Emergency Net (ITEN)

  • 3970.0 kHz

  • 7235.0 kHz

Iowa RACES Net

  • 3990.5 kHz

  • 7250.0 kHz

Iowa ARES Digital Net

  • 3.588.5 MHz (center frequency) USB with 1500 Hz set on the WF - Tuesdays @ 7:00pm.

  • 7114.0 kHz (center frequency)

Iowa ARES Traffic Nets