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Kenwood TS-520 - Complete System

January 01, 2020

PRICE: $900.00 (O.B.O)           

Kenwood 520 HF radio  (100 W 10m thru 80m) with operating manual

            Kenwood VFO-520 (remote VFO) with cable

            Kenwood SP-520 external speaker

            Kenwood TV-506  6 meter transverter (Very Rare)

            Kenwood AT-200 antenna tuner with operating manual

            Kenwood MC-50 desk microphone


All equipment in excellent condition.  Asking $900.00 for all but will deal. 


October 22, 2020


  • All Mode 144-148 MHz

  • 40 Memories

  • RIT

  • IF Shift

  • Speech Processor

  • RF Power Control

  • Memory Shift

  • Dual Digital VFO's

  • Dual Watch

  • Scanning

  • Keypad Entry

  • Priority Alert

  • Repeater Reverse

  • Memory Scroll


The Kenwood TS-711A 2 meter multimode transceiver with advanced features such as DCS digital Code Squelch, 10 Hz dual digital VFOs, 40 multifunction memories, memory scan, sweep, IF shift, noise blanker and all-mode squelch. Other enhancements include built in TCXO, keypad entry and speech processor. Power output is continuously adjustable from 2 to 25 watts. Includes DC power cord and MC-43S hand mic.

The Kenwood TS-811A is similar, but operates on 70 cm (430-450 MHz) instead of 2 meters.

The MC-43S hand mic, power cord and manual is included. Unit was originally owned by a blind ham and has some wear on the top two corners of the front bevel and also has the voice board installed.

Contact Scott - NØMRZ at 563-5Ø6-Ø3Ø4 ot sent a PM. Price is $350 

October 22, 2020



  • 160- 6 meters

  • Electronic Keyer

  • Noise Reduction

  • 100 Memories

  • 5~100 Watts Output


Digital Signal Processing technology is affordable to everyone with the Kenwood® TS-570DG. This advanced design provides 16-bit DSP technology for superb audio, noise reduction, equalization and slope tuning. The result is dramatic interference reduction not available in analog designs. The new NR1 noise reduction system is adjustable in 9 steps increments or can be assigned to track input signal strength automatically. Both the NR1 and NR2 settings now track when changing mode groups. In SSB/AM/FM modes you can select a Hi/Low cut DSP slope tune using up to 441 possible combinations. In CW and FSK the DSP acts as VBT (Variable band Tuning) that alters the passband width for rejection of nearby signals.


This radio covers the amateur bands from 160 through 6 meters and of course features a superior general coverage receiver. Power output can be set from 5 to 100 watts. A preset auto antenna tuner and electronic keyer are built in. The menu system offers 46 types of functions for Technician thru Extra. Full and semi break-in, dedicated packet port and 57600 bps PC control. Keypad entry, 100 memories, IF shift, large LCD, Scanning and CW Auto Tune round out the many features of this transceiver. The MC-43S hand mic is included. 


This is a Kenwood TS-570SG, it has six meter coverage.


Note:  The earlier non-"G" models Kenwood TS-570D Kenwood TS-570S are similar, but without the 3 added DSP CW filters


Contact Scott - NØMRZ at 563-5Ø6-Ø3Ø4 ot sent a PM. Price is $500 

Kenwood TS-850SAT transceiver, PS-30 & SP-31

October 23, 2018

PRICE: $795.00 - Local Pickup

The Kenwood TS-850S is a competition class transceiver designed for the serious radio operator. Coverage is 160 through 10 meters including the WARC bands with 100 watts (40W AM). Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in both transmit and receive modes (with optional DSP-100 installed) provide greatly enhanced signal purity. Advanced digital technology provides superior dynamic range of 108 dB throughout the entire 100 kHz to 30 MHz range, one Hz step dual VFO's, CW full and semi break-in, superior interference reduction, keyer circuit, dual-noise blanker and 100 memory channels. Other features include:  IF Notch, multifunction LCD displaykeypad entry, all mode squelch and memory keyer. Requires 13.8 VDC at 20.5 amps. 


The Kenwood TS-850SAT has the AT-850 antenna tuner built-in.  Also includes Kenwood PS-30 power supply, SP-31 external speaker with filters and MC-60 desk mic.

  • 160-10 meters

  • IF Notch

  • CW Reverse

  • 100 Memories

  • Dual Mode NB


  • SSB/CW Slope Tuning

  • Memory Keyer

  • All Mode Squelch

  • RF Speech Processor

Contact Scott - NØMRZ at 563-506-0304 or email Price is $795.00

Heathkit HW-8 QRP HF Transceiver with HWA-7-1 Power Supply

October 17, 2020


This Amateur HF transceiver was owned, and built,  by now silent key, ABØM.  It is in beautiful shape and was in good working condition when taken out of service. Unfortunately that is all we know about the unit. Radio comes with matching power supply.

The Heathkit Model HW-8 Transceiver is a solid-state, four-band QRP (low power) unit covering the CW portion of the eighty, forty, twenty, and fifteen meter amateur bands. The direct-conversion receiver features an RF stage, a balanced product detector, and an active audio filter wide or narrow selectivity.


Other features include diode band switching which is controlled by pushbuttons and a method of premixing the variable and heterodyne oscillator signals to provide the same dial read-out on all bands. This also provides excellent stability and a fixed frequency offset on all bands while you are transmitting.

In addition to indicating Relative Power, the panel meter is used during alignment to assure proper adjustment of the transmitter tuned circuits.

The HW-8 Transceiver may be operated from the Heathkit Accessory Power Supply Model HWA-7-1, an equivalent low impedence power supply, or from batteries.

General Specifications:

Frequency Coverage:

   80 meters, 3.5 to 3.75 MHz

   40 meters, 7.0 to 7.25 MHz

   20 meters, 14.0 to 14.25 MHz

   15 meters, 21.0 to 21.25 MHz

Frequency Stability: Less than 150Hz/hour drift after 60 minute warm-up

Frequency Generation: Premixed VFO and HFO

Power Requirements: 13.4 volts DC, nominal. 90mA receive mode and 430 mA transmit mode

Dimensions: 9-¼" wide x 8-½" deep x 4-¼" high, including knobs and feet

                     (23.5cm wide x 21.6 cm deep x 10.8cm high)

Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8kg)

DC Power Input:

   80 meters -- 3.5 watts

   40 meters -- 3.0 watts

   20 meters -- 3.0 watts

   15 meters -- 2.5 watts


Frequency Control: Built-in VFO


Output Impedence: 50 ohms unbalanced

Sidetone: Built-in, adustable volume

Spurious and Harmonic Levels: At least 35dB down

Transmit Frequency Offset: Approximately 750 Hz lower, fixed on all bands

Receiver Type: Direct conversion with RF amplifier, balanced product detector, and active audio filter

Sensitivity: 1 microvolt or less for 10dB (S+N)/N 0.2 microvolt provides readable signal

Selectivity: Wide -- 750 Hz at 6dB down

                  Narrow -- 375 Hz at 6dB down

Passband Center Frequency: 750 Hz

Type of Reception: CW

Audio Output Impedance: 1000 ohms nominal

ICOM IC-R9000 Receiver - Rack Mount

October 17, 2020

Price: $1,800  - Local Pickup

This item is from the WA8MKY estate and is in great condition.



SN 01096

General Specifications

  • 100kHz-1999.8MHz range

  • 1000 channels - 10 banks

  • Scan rate 13 cps


  • 10, 100Hz; 1, 5, 9, 10, 12.5, 20, 25, 100kHz steps

  • Spectrum scope

  • Direct digital synthesizer (DDS)

  • 8-character alpha-tag

  • Analogue signal meter

  • Dual clock/5 timers

  • Bass/treble controls

  • AFC

  • AGC

  • Noise blanker (NB)

  • Attenuators

  • Autostore (100 channels)

  • 10 Priority channels

  • 10 search limits

  • Voice squelch control (VSC)

  • Computer control

  • Tape recorder control

Drake Transmitter, Receiver, P/S-Speaker & Antenna Tuner

October 17, 2020

Price; $1300.00 - Local Pickup

This sale includes an R.L. Drake T4-X transmitter, R-4C Receiver, MS-4 power supply / speaker and an MN-2000 antenna tuner. All are in great shape and include the associated paperwork with them. If you are looking for a quality tube-type HF station, this one is for you!

Very nice MN-2000 Antenna Tuner in great condition inside and out. A few fine scratches on these units, but in great shape. The MN-2000 has a double shield cabinet which you don't see in other tuners. 

Contact Scott - NØMRZ at 563-5Ø6-Ø3Ø4 or email me at

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